Ideate Boldly.

How to conceive an idea & know when to press play.
The ideation playbook paired with a premium community;
brought to you by the world’s largest early stage VC. 


Conceive a bold idea.

Learn our playbook with a step-by-step guide on generating & validating venture backable startup ideas. We see thousands of ideas every year through Antler's VC arm. Now we want to share what is common amongst those that succeed.

Get feedback & validate.

Join our premium community with other committed Ideators. Fast track your validation through a community sourced review and apply what you've learnt by providing feedback. Be inspired by others grand visions in the community. You may just meet a co-founder!

Know when to press play.

Sometimes the hardest part is to know with which idea to start. If we can save you 5 days (or 5 months) going in the wrong direction, we feel this track is worth your time. Stop the guess work and step boldy in to your entrepreneurship journey.

Your ideation & validation toolkit

Course overview

Ideator's Track
Length: 7 hours
Level: Intermediate
Subject: Entrepreneurship
Language: English
How to conceive of an idea & know when to press play?
With the success of the Antler Launch Academy activating so many, we want to go further.

Introducing to you the carefully designed Ideator's track.

This is an accessible place for you to be epically equipped, energised and supported with other cracking humans at the ideation and validation stage of your startup.

We're here to save you time, inspire and get you unstuck and moving forward, boldly.
What you will learn:
+ Startup Ideas 101 - Expanded
+ Design Thinking for Startups - Expanded
+ How to Talk to Users
+ Original Ideas & Graveyard Analysis
+ Startup Strategic Fundamentals
+ Being Customer Focused by Working Backwards
+ Knowing when to Press Play
Meet your instructors:
Heath Jamieson
Co-founder & COO, Antler Edu
Bede Moore
Managing Partner, Antler

Be an earlybird & secure your seat

Secure your seat in our first ever Ideator's track now!

We are working hard to finalise the materials and to bring you the ultimate ideation & validation playbook.

We have limited seats available for our first Ideator's crew - secure your spot now to avoid missing out.

As a reward, we are offering a 30% earlybird discount to the first 200 people to sign-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the masterclasses and the community?

Once you’re in, you have lifetime access! 

You can access the content forever on our platform and have first access to new content and features we build. 

Same with community. We’d like to have you join us for good. Saying that, if you aren’t an active member of the community, we’ll at times ask you if you want to stay in the Slack group (which of course you’re welcome to). We do so to make sure that our community is abuzz with energy and contributors.

Do I need to have an idea or startup to participate?

Not necessarily! This track will help provide a framework for generating and validating startup ideas.

If you don’t have an idea - this content will help provide framing on how and where to conceive of an idea.

If you do have an inkling of an idea (or perhaps many), there is content on helping you with the early validation steps to take, so you have the confidence to press play!

Why do you charge?

Antler has a small, high energy team working to bring you the Antler Launch Academy.

Your contribution allows for us to create great content to push you to action, be active members of our Launchers community and build a platform that allows you to build boldly.

We are confident the Ideator’s Track will be highly valuable to you, allowing a spark of inspiration and to progress with confidence. 

Beyond that, we think there is beauty in being part of a group of committed, engaged, cracking humans. Join others who have made equal commitment to learning, ideating and validating.

All that being said, we never want the financial position of the community to be a barrier to entrepreneurship:
- If you are not in a position where you are able to purchase the Ideator’s track, send Rebecca an email ( and we will look to support.
- And if you purchase the Ideator’s Track and don’t find it valuable, we are willing to refund you in full.

When will the Ideator’s Track be available to access?

We are predicting the Ideator’s track will launch early 2021, but it may be available sooner!

Any other questions or want to say hello?

I promise we are friendly! Shoot an email to the creators of the Antler Launch Academy - &