Antler Education is an initiative of Antler and this is our evolving story:

Where it all started

In 2017 Antler was launched. With a mission to fundamentally improve the world by enabling and investing in the world's most exceptional people to build the defining companies of tomorrow.  The first ever cohort kicked off in Singapore in 2018.

Antler expands…rapidly!

Over the next few years, Antler expanded and has offices across six continents and most major entrepreneurial hubs. To date Antler has invested in nearly 200 companies making it the world's largest early stage investor. With 50K applications per year to the Antler program, the top 1-3% of entrepreneurs join to build companies with us full time.

We wanted to help more people build

In early 2020, the pandemic started to grip the world. Down in Australia, Magnus, Bede, Heath & Rebecca brainstormed on new ways Antler could share our startup generation playbook to help even more people in the entrepreneurial community. 

The pilot of Antler Launch Academy

After 5 weeks of designing, building and many late nights, the Antler Launch Academy turned from a piece of paper to a pilot online course with 400+ cracking humans from Australia and New Zealand joining us.

We continued to grow our community

Our participants appeared to love it and referred their friends to join, so we hosted a second pilot. We listened to participants and learnt the importance of community. We created more ways to meet, collaborate and co-create together.

Now to a Global pilot

Word got out. We had thousands of interested participants from 84 countries join our waitlist. We are currently working hard to bring the Launch Academy to every corner of the world. We need your help to make our Launchers community even more epic. 

Why are we doing this?

We have a grand vision to spark innovation across the globe by empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, boldly. The mission we have set out on is to activate entrepreneurial endeavours through real content and an open-access community, using our platform as the world’s largest early stage VC.

Meet the team

Meet the team

Bede Moore.
Co-founder, Antler Education & Managing Partner, Antler Australia
Bede teaches Launch Academy participants his lessons as a successful founder and coach to multiple startups in the Antler program.
Prior to Antler, Bede was CEO of Tech Sydney and Co-founder of and MD of Indonesia's largest ecommerce site, Lazada.
📋 The Teacher
First ever job: Retail in a surf shop
Heath Jamieson.
Co-founder & COO, Antler Education
Heath is also the Global Head of Program at Antler and works hard to make sure Launch Academy participants have access to the best insights, resources and education from Antler's global network.
Prior to Antler, Heath worked in ecommerce in Indonesia and as a Management Consultant at Bain & Co.
🧭 The Navigator
First ever job: Sheep Shearer
Rebecca Holdt.
Venture Manager, Antler Education
Rebecca co-created the Launch Academy and manages all things strategy, growth & product to bring the best version of the Launch Academy to your region.
Prior to Antler, Rebecca worked across London, Singapore and Australia as a Management Consultant at Bain & Co
🎩 Wears many hats.
First ever job: Dance Teacher
Nic Touron.
Product Analyst, Antler Education
Nic was in one of our first Launch Academy cohorts - ❤️’ed it and joined the team. He makes sure the Launch Academy course is slick and user friendly.
Prior to Antler, Nic was a Marketing Manager at Platute & an entrepreneur.
📱 The Product Guy
First ever job: Consumer Electronics Products Tester