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Learn, Build and Collaborate with the Antler Launch Academy

The Antler Launch Academy brings the best of Antler VC to your desktop. We have learnt a few things coaching 2000+ of the world's top entrepreneurs and investing in 250+ of their companies. We want to share these lessons with you, because we love to help people build great things.

Our platform consists of three elements: Learn, Build and Collaborate: 

🤓 Learn startup fundamentals

Learn Antler's perspectives and lessons across the 5 key stages of early-stage startups. Access on demand our masterclass, resource library and choose to credential your course.

🚀 Build your startup or project with us

Follow Antler's proven step-by-step guide to bring your idea to life. Access on demand our editable playbook, build out a showcase page and see tutorials on our recommended startup tool stack.

💬 Collaborate with a dedicated community

Join one of our monthly 5-week live cohorts to make career changing connections. Filter for co-founders in the cohort, attend Antler led workshops and seek feedback and collaboration through community breakouts.

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Reality revealed

Learn from our world-class playbook, the same curated lessons we use to help launch hundreds of companies around the globe.

Connected community

Join a highly involved network of Launchers that push each other to exceptional heights, equal parts hungry, honest and helpful.

Paved pathways

Access an abundance of A-class tools & resources to get you activated, paired with job, building and investment opportunities from Antler VC.

Activating endeavours for...

“I had been looking to make a transition to startups and through the Launch Academy I landed a marketing role with an Antler portfolio company. This experience has provided a great learning ground as I explore my own startup ventures.”

— Marketing Director, previously L’OCCITANE

The Career Transitioners

“The Launch Academy accelerated my startup journey, providing a manual to turn an idea into reality. I grew my network, met a co-founder in the Academy and we built an MVP to test our idea."

— Technology Leader, previously Quantium

The Idea Generators

“I joined the Launch Academy to get to know Antler. Accessing their core content and views on what makes a VC backable business gave me a head start before applying to join. Since, I was accepted to join full time, found my co-founders and received $100K investment within 10 weeks. Game changing!”

— Co-Founder & CEO, Feather (Antler portfolio company)

The Builders

All inclusive.

Online masterclasses

Hear perspectives and theories from Antler investors, builders and guests.

Live founder lessons

Learn practical advice and tips, with Q&A from Antler founders building now.

Digital meetups

Join meetups, ‘huddles’ and pitch nights with others creating and building.

Slack community

Connect with others and post on the #launch_board to find a co-founder or collaborate.

Resource library

Save time and get moving with lesson summaries and our recommended tools.

Digital credentials

Gain an Antler digital credential to demonstrate your course completion.

Be epically equipped & energised


Where will this adventure take you?

Acquire knowledge. Learn what it takes to build a venture capital backed business.

Start building. Use our recommended tools, resources and methods to bring your idea to life.

Collaborate with the community. Find a co-founder, teammate, advisor and exchange ideas.

Open pathways. Tips on joining Antler full-time, pitching for investment & job opportunities.
Many of our learners work on developing a community validated idea, launching an MVP, developing a pitch, expanding their network and take giant steps forward.

masterclasses from world-class investors and builders


Introduction & DNA of a Founder

Length: 40 minutes
Stage: Formation
Language: English
How do you conceive an idea & know when to press play?
This introductory session will bring you up to speed with the program and Antler - the world's largest early-stage investment platform.

We also share observations on the DNA of a Founder identified from >10 000 founder interviews and investing in 100+ companies.
What you will learn:
+ Why now is a great time to be an innovator
+ The 3 key elements that make up a founder's DNA and core to Antler programs around the world
+ How the Antler Launch Academy can activate you on your startup journey
Meet your instructors:
Heath Jamieson
Co-founder & COO, Antler Edu
Rebecca Holdt
Venture Manager, Antler Edu

Startup Ideas 101

Length: 54 minutes
Stage: Formation
Language: English
Antler's view on conceiving and evaluating startup ideas
A startup is a company that is designed to grow incredible fast, typically using technology. However, it is also an experiment to build a non-obvious hypothesis. In doing so, it uncovers something that has not done before as to give a competitive edge.

This masterclass focuses on the identifying good problems to solve, where to look for these problems, how to approach developing your solution, and uncovering your unfair advantage.
What you will learn:
+ The 3 elements of a startup hypothesis
+ The 5 categories of new startups
+ The 6 characteristics of good problems to solve
+ Why problem framing and hypothesis testing is critical
+ Why answering the question "why you?" is important
+ Where you can find your unfair advantage
+ The 3 steps to validate your idea
Meet your instructors:
Bede Moore
Managing Partner, Antler

Design Thinking for Startups

Length: 84 minutes
Stage: Validation
Language: English
Design thinking and demand testing for startups
Design thinking is an iterative approach that startups can use to better understand their customers needs and wants.

This masterclass will explore how design thinking enables a human centric approach to addressing problems worth solving and explain how interviewing and other methods can be used to test customer demand.
What you will learn:
+ Why a human-centric approach to problem solving is important
+ The traits of great design thinkers
+ How design thinking interacts with the lean startup model and Agile
+ The 5 stages of design thinking
+ Practical tips and advice to get started with design thinking
Meet your instructors:
Andreas Birnik
former Global Venture Partner,

Startup Strategic Fundamentals

Length: 60 minutes
Stage: Validation
Language: English
An actionable session on key elements of startup strategy to consider in idea evaluation, growth and pitching
There are a lot of items that matter in startup strategy, many of which you need to demonstrate in your startup pitch deck.

This masterclass explores the essential concepts to consider during the early stages of validating a concept, including market sizing and competition, financial metrics and go-to-market archetypes.  
What you will learn:
+ The different types of market sizes and why "bigger is better, massive is best"
+ How to analyse potential competitors and find your right to play
+ The 4 different types of business models and 6 monetisation methods available
+ The core financial metrics to calculate and track to operate your startup, sanity test your idea and pitch for venture capital funding
+ How to execute on your startup by oscillating between focusing on the big vision and tangible next steps
Meet your instructors:
Heath Jamieson
Co-founder & COO, Antler Edu

Startup Teams

Length: 46 minutes
Stage: Validation
Language: English
Antler’s view what makes a greatstartup team & evaluating co-founders
Did you know that 23% of startups fail due to matters related to co-founding teams?

This masterclass discusses what makes a great startup team and the important considerations you should have when finding a co-founder.
What you will learn:
+ Why team and team product fit is a key criteria for investors
+ The 12 core capabilities your start-up team should have coverage over
+ The 3 primary ways co-founding teams are formed
+ The 5 key elements to forming a great co-founding team
+ The 28 questions to ask potential co-founders before founding a startup together
Meet your instructors:
Anthony Millet
Partner, Antler


Length: 51 minutes
Stage: Validation
Language: English
Discussion on working with technology founders & rapid MVPs
If you are building a technology-based startup, havinga technical co-founder and knowing how to take your idea from paper to screen is crucial.

This masterclass explores what being a successful tech founder involves, working with tech founders and the tools to build and test your minimum viable product (MVP) with customers.
What you will learn:
+ Why having a technical co-founder is critical
+ Where to look for a technical co-founder
+ How the type of technical co-founder to partner with differs by startup stage
+ The working norms to collaborate effectively with a tech co-founder
+ The 6 types of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to validate your idea
+ The 3 stages of the product build cycle and associated tools
Meet your instructors:
Harini Janakiraman
Associate Partner &
Global Head of Technology, Antler

Go-to-Market Strategy

Length: 45 minutes
Stage: Growth
Language: English
A session fleshing out principles of customer acquisition
A go-to-market strategy is a tactical action plan that outlines steps necessary to succeed with a new customer or in a new market.

This masterclass provides actionable lessons to grow your startup customer base, including the phases of business growth and go-to-market, how you acquire your first customers, how you acquire customers as you grow and the key capabilities in growth.
What you will learn:
+ The 3 key phases of your buiness growth and what your goal, key metrics, channels and team size should be
+ The tangible signs of product market fit
+ Where to acquire your first 1000 users for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) startups
+ Why your next 1000 users will look different to your first 1000
Meet your instructors:
Heath Jamieson
Co-founder & COO, Antler Edu

Startup Marketing

Length: 59 minutes
Stage: Growth
Language: English
A session on principles of startup marketing in the 2020s
While you don't need to have every marketing channel optimised at the beginning of your startup journey, it is important to understand the role of marketing in startup growth. 

This masterclass explores what marketing in a startup means, product positioning, and how you get your first users.
What you will learn:
+ The 6 key elements to consider in startup marketing
+ How to position your brand effectively
+ How to use marketing to get your first users
+ How you can use your own personal brand to market your startup
Meet your instructors:
Lisa Enckell
Global Partner, Antler

Venture Capital Fundraising

Length: 64 minutes
Stage: Growth
Language: English
An introduction on how to pitch toventure capital investors
For many founders, raising money is a key component ofthe startup experience to accelerate and sustain growth prior to profitability.

This masterclass outlines what to expect on your journey, the financing optionsand types of investors, when and how much money to raise and at what valuation,and the tactical preparation and process required.
What you will learn:
+ Why founders raise money and why not all businesses need to raise
+ The 5 types of financing options
+ The 5 main types of investors
+ How to overcome the difficulties of valuation in the first financing round
+ The 5 steps to follow in a typical pre-seed to seed fundraising process
+ Which components of your business should shine through to investors
Meet your instructors:
Bede Moore
Managing Partner, Antler

Weekly Live Events

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Education is social.
Building together is powerful.

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Connect with others on topics of passion.

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Ask questions, collaborate & find co-founders.

Building and investing in companies is what we do

At Antler, we have coached 2000+ of the world's top entrepreneurs and invested in 250+ of their companies. We have curated the most important lessons, methods and resources to help you progress

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Why we built this


"You can't go wrong by joining! You will learn, connect and genuinely have a good time. It provided a great experience and allowed me to practice essential skills. The fact that you can practice your pitch in front of the cohort and gain constructive feedback is amazing."

"The networking in the Launch Academy helped me take steps forward - another participant helped me with my software development strategy, in which I am hoping to bring on as an employee. I also brainstormed with another participant who had built a similar product to mine and have 2 immediate partnership opportunities."

"I was so happy to be a part of this amazing program with an inspiring community to learn from. Not only was the masterclass content helpful, but I experienced the power of a honest and helpful community to support me in pushing my idea forward - including everything from brainstorming to advice to volunteers for user testing. My favorite part was meeting like-minded entrepreneurs through weekly pair-ups and in-person meet ups!"

"I am thrilled to have completed the Antler Launch Academy alongside so many passionate people from all walks of life. The content is insightful and well organised by the Antler Team. I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning how to build a startup from day 1 to a VC backable company, or are just interested in startups and early-stage investing. Thanks to Heath and Rebecca for leading us through the course."

"The Antler Launch Academy was incredibly motivating, covered a broad range of topics but also great depth of information. It was a fantastic networking opportunity and great exposure to a range of established founders."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you ask- Yes, it's free.

How many hours do I have to dedicate if I choose to do the cohort-based-course?

We recommend allocating 1-3 hours per week. And you are welcome to be as active or as passive in our community as you wish.

Do I need to complete the Launch Academy to be accepted into Antler full-time?

Participating in the Launch Academy is not a pre-requisite, however, we believe joining before applying to Antler full-time can be helpful for you! The Launch Academy lets you get up to speed on some of our core content, provides insight into what building with us full-time will be like and we also provide tips on applying.

How long do I have access to the platform?

Once you are an active participant of the course, that's it - you are in! You can stay on our platform and have first access to new content and features we build.

I want to learn more - is there further content beyond the 8 masterclasses?

Yes that's why we are here! We are busily working away to bring you deep-dives on the most popular topics. Keep an eye for out new 'tracks' that will pop up on the platform shortly.

Do I need to have an idea or startup to participate?

During this course we will provide a framework for generating startup ideas and encourage you to take on this challenge. If you do have an idea or startup, our investors will help you validate, grow and prepare for fundraising.

Any other questions or want to say hello?

I promise we are friendly! Shoot an email to the creators of the Antler Launch Academy - rebecca@antler.co & heath@antler.co